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Donna has lived in Manchester for 25 years, on the Glastonbury line. Living in a neighborhood that borders the town line has given Donna perspective on the needs of both Manchester and Glastonbury.

Furthermore, Donna’s work as an insurance representative in downtown Manchester, gives her insight into some of the day-to-day challenges that her constituency faces.

A love of science and math led Donna to get her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Bucknell University. A love of people and a desire to see them reach their potential inspired Donna to get a Master of Divinity at Fuller Seminary. Donna has been involved in ministry, either professionally or as a volunteer, since graduating college.

Donna has a variety of experience educating her children. She believes in the importance of instilling an early love of discovery and learning, teaching them skills that will allow them to be successful in life and inspiring them to be life-long, self-motivated learners. She also believes that parents have the deepest vested interest in their children’s well-being, and therefore they have the right to have the final say in any decisions regarding them.

Donna’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, along with her analytical thinking, give her an excellent foundation for representing the values of her community and working together with other representatives to accomplish mutual goals.

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Donna believes in Connecticut and will fight for us in the state legislature.

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